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Synergy Home Marketing System® Features & Benefits Summary

  • Ultra HD 4K Aerial Drone Video & Photography - Free For A Limited Time!

    Benefit:  Visually stunning; draws more interest from buyers resulting in greater exposure.
  • High Impact Staging & Photography

    Benefit:  Merchandises and showcases the property at its best resulting in higher offers.
  • Dedicated Custom Property Website

    Benefit:  Centralized marketing hub to showcase your property in stunning fashion and capture buyers looking for a home like yours.

  • Unique Direct URL

    Benefit:  Creates a memorable and easier way for buyers to locate your home online and share through social media, resulting in increased exposure.
  • Keyworded; Search Engine Optimized

    Benefit:  Assists buyers searching online to find your property, resulting in greater exposure.
  • World Wide Internet Broadcast Syndication

    Benefit: Mass marketing online draws in more buyers, resulting in more buyers competing for your home. 
  • YouTube Video Marketing

    Benefit:  Video ranks very high on search engines, resulting in more buyers finding your property.

  • Social Media Marketing Integration

    Benefit:  Incorporates online socializing in creative ways to draw buyer interest and increase exposure and competition for your home.
  • Physical On-Site Promotion
  • Most Recognized For Sale Sign In The World

    Benefit:  This sign is visible and recognizable from blocks away, resulting in greater drive by traffic exposure than any other competitor.
  • Custom Color Gloss Brochures

    Benefit:  Brochure is used as a tool to drive buyers to the website where we can captivate them and follow up to procure a purchase contract.
  • QR Code; Buyer Tracking​

    Benefit:  Places your listing on their mobile device where we can motivate them to set a showing with a click.
  • Promoted Open House

    Benefit:  Captures drive by traffic looking for homes to buy.
  • Certified Professional Negotiator At Your Service

    Benefit:  Ensures your transaction is handled by someone who knows how to protect your interests with great skill and care.
  • Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee; Cancel Any Time

    Benefit:  Risk free offer allows you to rest easy and not stress about being locked in to someone you decide is not a good fit.

More Details? Yes Please!​

Introducing the Synergy Home Marketing System® From RE/MAX Southeast Denver Colorado

Selling your property fast, for the highest price at the lowest cost is a function of price and promotion.  Price meaning the listing must be positioned properly against competing homes for sale.  Promotion meaning marketing and exposure to buyers must stand out and draw maximum possible attention.

The greatest exposure to buyers is created through a focus on rich, creative and unique listing content broadcast through a vast online network to targeted buyers.

By utilizing the latest tools and technology and applying Internet marketing strategies evolving since 1996 to expose the property to the largest possible targeted audience, we can deliver a captivating marketing perfomance resulting not only in more offers, but higher offers!  

Giving you the maximum leverage needed to achieve the highest possible price.

Why Rich Comprehensive Unique Listing Content Matters

In a world dominated by search engines, social media, and consumer reviews, the right keywords combined with unique comprehensive content causes the listing to be found and shared more often online.

Dynamic Content

Bringing the listing to life with creative contextual descriptions, high quality photos and video, and unique content, serves to stir emotion and evoke a vivid memorable experience while capturing the essence of living in the property.  

When optimized correctly, this works very effectively to draw buyers in.

Utilizing Efficiency To Lower Your Costs

Achieving a high price for a property while keeping costs low requires utilizing technology and the latest tools systems and processes available to leverage the most exposure possible while containing expenses.  

Our systematic marketing approach enables us to deliver amazing results at the lowest possible cost to you.  We will not be undersold!

Our Synergy Home Marketing System Achieves These Objectives Through Dynamic Features and Benefits:


  • Ultra High Definition 4K Aerial Drone Video and Photography 

Flying Camera Drone with Groundstation

We bring you the hottest new trend in real estate marketing; aerial drone video and cinematography!  

Capturing super high definition clips to create amazing beautiful crisp promotional videos designed to truly showcase your property in its contextual setting as well as its physical characteristics.  


Drone Home Point

The video is so beautiful and crisp, it's breathtaking!  We're including this service FREE for a limited time, so do not delay!


  • High Impact Staging & Photography

High Impact Photos

We'll provide you specific recommendations from a home staging professional to properly merchandise your home for the spotlight.  

Then, we'll bring your real estate to life with bright, crisp, clear photos showcasing the best features and benefits of your property.  

Finally, Integrated with amazing 4k video to produce a polished presentation of your home designed to bring the highest possible price.


  • Dedicated Property Website Optimized For Mobile Search

Mobile Device Marketing Compatible

A dedicated website working 24 hours a day to sell your home.  

While other agents' websites promote competing listings for sale next to yours, we create a special website just to showcase your home alone.  This strategy "sets the table" in your favor for later negotiations with the buyer.  

Complete with virtual tour, aerial drone video, neighborhood demographics, area attractions, and unique content, the listing will appear on the 1st page of Google and attract more buyers. 


  • Unique URL Directs Buyers Straight To Your Custom Property Website

Dedicated Property Websites

Attracting more online buyers requires simple navigation making your home easy to find.  

By utilizing a custom URL, we drive more buyer traffic directly to your custom property website to enhance prospect conversion.


  • Search Engine Optimized For Major Internet Traffic

Search Engine Optimized

Each page, each image and every aspect of the custom property website is search engine optimized to deliver the highest possible number of buyers looking for a home like yours.


  • YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Cube

Video marketing is one of the most important features buyers are looking for.  

We create a dynamic YouTube video to showcase your home to its maximum potential.


  • Social Media Integration Marketing

Social Media Integration

The custom property website is also optimized for social media sharing.  

Friends and family can share, like and comment, which extends the reach of the marketing tremendously.


  • On-Site Promotion

Drive traffic to custom website

Because many buyers still drive the neighborhood they want to live in, we capture them with a high impact color brochure and push to your homes custom website.

Using a quick response code, we have an opportunity to convert them into a physical showing, while digitally tracking their interests in your property.  

We use this information to measure their motivation and follow up with them to procure a purchase contract. 


  • Open House 

Open House Generates Buyers

In a recent survey by NAR, it was noted that 44% of buyers used open houses as a source of information during their home search process.  

We hold an open house the first weekend on the market to capture these buyers right away.


  • Mobile Device Quick Response (QR) Codes

For Sale Brochure with QR Code  Scan QR code for website

Embracing the mobile device platform is central in our strategy for selling your home.  

We use Quick Response or QR codes to effectively drive buyer traffic to the custom mobile website where we can deliver a rich and vivid interactive user experience.  


  • Broadcasting Your Home To The World For Maximum Exposure

Internet Listing Syndication Channels

Whether foreign or domestic, we will find the buyer wherever they may be by syndicating your listing through a broad based world wide network of real estate websites.  

We'll reach buyers where they shop online and draw them into your listing.


From The Company You Know and Trust To Deliver Maximum Results

RE/MAX Market Share Percentage

RE/MAX sells more real estate than any other company in the world, and our agents average more experience and transactions too.  

But most importantly, we care about your family, we prioritize your goals, we're passionate about your ambitions and dreams, and that's why we sell the most real estate.  

Trust us to share our experience with you and make this move your most successful one yet.


To The Individual Professional Qualified

Certified Negotiation Expert

Certified Negotiation Expert Certificate

Real estate transactions require a high level of negotiation skill and strategy.  It's probably the most critical, yet overlooked skill set among real estate professionals and their regulators.  

We've found it's important to take a systematic, thoroughly investigative, analytical approach to marketing and sales negotiations.  

With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, you need a real estate negotiation expert.  

I am grateful to have been trained by the best; the late famous Denver real estate attorney & litigator Oliver Frascona.  

I continue to study and hone these skills at every opportunity...I promise to protect your real estate investment with great skill and care!


Protection From Failed Mortgage Transactions

Mortgage Loan Denied

One of the top reasons real estate transactions fail to close is due to mortgage financing.  

I found out early in my real estate career if you don't have financing, you don't have a deal!  So to get more control over my destiny, I started originating mortgage loans in 1998 so I could learn the business inside and out.  I am still licensed today. 

Over the many loans originated, I came to understand crystal clear what the profile of a qualified buyer looks like.  Just as importantly, I came to understand what the profile of a good loan originator looks like.  Because more than half the time, it's the fault of the loan originator when the financing fails.

I will use deep expertise of the mortgage industry to protect you from unknowing borrowers and clueless loan originators who print meaningless qualification letters and waste your valuable time.

I will help you understand whether you are qualifed for the mortgage you desire in order to sell your home and achieve your goals.


Unsurpassed Value at a Surprisingly Competitive Rate

Unsurpassed Value

Price is only a concern in the absence of value.  Value means getting a lot in return for dollars invested.  

Should you to entrust us with selling your real estate investment, we're going to deliver a superior value through stellar service and marketing performance, resulting in a higher net cash return to you, in a shorter period of time on the market, and with greater satisfaction than you would otherwise achieve with our competitors.  

Making an investement in our services will be a net gain for you, we guarantee it.


Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Today's real estate transactions are complex and require careful negotiation, marketing strategy and technical expertise to orchestrate smoothly.  

We're excited to put that synergy to work for you.  We've been doing so for our clients since 1996.  

We guarantee your satisfaction!  If for any reason you are not satisfied, we WILL make it right.


Just One Question Please; May We Have The Privilege of Selling Your Home Today?

Couple selling their home

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Synergy Team Leader, RE/MAX Southeast, Inc.