A Simple Straightforward Purchase Offer

I'm A Real Buyer Serious About Purchasing Your Property...

You probably have lot's of concerns and questions regarding the sale of your property such as:

How much is your property really worth?  What is the most effective means of selling for as much money as possible?  Could you sell it yourself, without a Realtor, and save the commission?  What are the costs involved in selling?  How much will you net after selling costs and is it enough to accomplish your future plans?  I could go on...

The good news is, I enjoy answering questions and helping people solve real estate problems.  I have a literal arsenal of tools that I use to help people achieve their real estate goals.

One of my favorite tools is what I call the Real Buyer Program.  It's real simple, because you fill out the information form below about your property and receive a bona fide offer to purchase it from me within 24 hours of our visit.  Program features include:

  • Free, no obligation consulatation to determine if the program is a good fit for you.
  • No real estate commissions paid by you.
  • No property inspection.
  • No appraisal.
  • CASH sale.
  • Closing at your convenience on your schedule.
  • Large earnest money deposit for your protection until closing.
  • No showings to deal with.
  • Cash assistance to help you move can be arranged.
  • Privacy; if you wish, no one will know about the sale until it's closed and you've moved.
  • Everything handled 100% legally and according to current practices in the industry.
  • Flexible terms designed to meet your needs; anything is possible...
  • All paperwork preparation and shuffling included at no cost.
  • Surely to be the smoothest closing you've ever experienced.
  • Guaranteed to be handled professionally and efficiently.


Sound interesting?  If so, please give a little information to start the process:



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